We meet the children

June 2019 –

The end of an amazing vacation, five American friends are anxious to unload extra children’s gifts and school supplies before heading home.

Almost by accident, we stumble upon AIC Siyiapei Children’s home in NAROK Kenya. Fifty children, living as family, in a faith/based home with an emphasis on education and schooling. Their stories are all different but the children there have escaped futures as goat and cattle herders, early marriage, FGM or perhaps life on the streets in the city.
Sadly, they’ve lost their previous financial support and so we five friends start helping as much as we can. Food, utilities, medical care – every step forward taken carefully.

The Americans took on the challenge of “Sponsoring” a few of the girls. One girl who passed the tests to enter high school needed assistance with tuition, uniforms and school supplies. Her tuition for one quarter of school – including boarding was $277usd. We realized then that we could do this! She writes in her thank you, “Thank you – I didn’t know I could go past 8th grade”.

Our first meeting

They didn’t expect our first visit, but welcomed us warmly.
Excited to see the photos of themselves
Girls off to school!
We start sending school supplies.
More supplies happily received
Arriving at school – a little scary

Everything is much appreciated.

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