Face masks lead to computers

September 2020

Holiday masks – with much appreciated sewing help from another “Villager”. Masks are only $8 – and are made with adjustable elastic and metal nose pieces. They are for sale at Twice as Nice on San Mateo Avenue and Carma Hair Salon on El Camino – both in San Bruno. Or contact claudiaquinn819@gmail.com.

As the covid 19 virus closed down the countries around world , the children left school to return to the home. Meanwhile in America, one of the “village helpers” started sewing face masks. Quite by accident, the masks started selling. By directing the proceeds to the school, sales were good along with donations. The idea came up to try to purchase computers for the children’s home. It would enable the kids to continue to learn while waiting for their school to reopen. Ten computers were purchased, along with headsets.


And finally, a trainer was found. Martin came to the school and stayed nearby so he could instruct the children in computer basics for one week. The children learned so much – it was beneficial for all.

Recently, a couple of teachers visited the home while the school was still closed. They saw the computers and were amazed the children were able to navigate them. The teachers have asked to visit again and perhaps bring a few students. The children will be able to train other children! That was exactly our goal: Train a few children who in turn can train others.

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