Saleem and Farah

We wanted to try to make Christmas 2020 special for the children. Our goal – to give each one new clothes, new shoes and a new backpack. Shopping for 35 children can be a daunting task. But Shelina had a plan.

Her cousins are Saleem and Farah. These siblings lost their own father years ago and struggled with the loss growing up. But they persevered with a positive and cheerful attitude. Today they own a bookstore in Narok and were happy to help Shelina with the Christmas gift list.

Saleem and Farah – years ago

Shopping for the shoes alone took six hours. Their connections made it possible for us to fulfill the wishes of all these children. Many thanks for these members of the village. And thanks to several pen pal families who sponsored their friends gifts. This Christmas was extra special in that all the items were NEW. Something many of us take for granted, but not these children.

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