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As a retired teacher, who taught for 37 years in CA, I always valued education.   I always saw my students as young adults who could reach any goal they dreamt of.   The future was theirs for the grabbing.

Then I met the children at AIC Siyiapei Children’s Home in Narok, Kenya, in 2019.  These children were amazing!  They were (and are!) positive, energetic, hardworking, and had such a love of life. We decided at that time to support these kids any way we could.

In January 2020, we learned that because of our monetary support, we were able to send Regina to high school.  This meant the world to her!   Unlike in the United States, going to high school was not something Regina thought would happen to her!   Education in Kenya usually ends at eighth grade so the kids can help at home either herding cattle or goats or helping in the family businesses.  Early marriages were also common.   Not for Regina!  She is going to continue her high school education!

Fast forward to 2021, we are still supporting these children in many possible ways.  Now, besides Regina, we will have 6 other kids attending public school.  They passed their exams for admittance. Unlike the USA, public education isn’t free.   Tuition per child is about $500 per year. (Three terms – three months each. )

In addition there are uniforms  and supplies – especially costly in  the beginning. Here’s the list of Back to School items needed in Kenya. (For a rough conversion to dollars move the decimal two places 40000 equal $400).

Here’s our current goal – getting these 7 children into high school. We would be grateful for all help. Every donation counts. School starts at the end of July. We don’t want any of these children to say they only could go to Grade 8.

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  1. Honestly, it was and still a blessing having met deffernt hearts from defferent places with same wish and prayer for children in AIC Siyiapei Children’s Home -Narok Kenya. These is Terry and the team who actually have been doing a lot.

    From where I stand ……it was a small begining with a few steps and now I can count a number of steps behind -Chidren joing high school, NHIF monthly premiums, NHIF, Eletricity bill, Education material, purchasing of foodstuffs among others has been a lot.

    We pray that God bless you for sharing the littles you have. Not that you have a lot to …but only that you have hearts full of love for children and help them achieve their dreams in the near future is giving equal oppotunities in life. Kindly,Your support is much valued and we pray for you able team.

    Continue praying for these bright children in Narok Kenya.

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