I’m Caroline …

My name is Caroline.  I have always thought of myself as a children’s  ambassador especially to the less fortunate ones.  I was a kindergarten teacher and later started visiting children’s homes, street and slum children. I donated clothes I collected and tried to get the children scholarships.

My first encounter with AIC Siyaipei Children’s Home was in April this year. I accompanied my brother who had gone to further the computer skills for the kids.  This was his second training session.  I volunteered to go and had an opportunity to bond with these amazing children.    I learned more about the kids and what had led them there. The story of a 13 year old girl Catherine  who was married off at 12years for a whole year caught my attention. The hardship and trauma she had to go through and the consequences that followed made me realize how much these kids need help.  Catherine is amazing, energetic, positive, hardworking and full of  life… so driven and looking forward to becoming a doctor so she can rescue girls who are going through similar situations.

Then there was Ian and his siblings, Hannah and Robert who were rescued from their  poor mother who could not even feed them,  let alone take  them to school.  These children needed food even before education.   Through the home they are able to thrive and  get an education. These  children are bright, focused, ambitious and motivated.   Hannah and Robert  excel in academics while Ian excels in co-curricular activities

Children at Siyapei children’s home are well behaved, positive, lively, energetic , hardworking, ambitious and full of life, ready to learn and get an education if  given the opportunity. They respond to any help given to them positively.  For example,  computer lessons.  It’s  amazing how the computer skills that were given to them through the donation of computers and training,  have increased motivation and also have enhanced the ability to do their school work on their own.  No doubt computer lessons have helped them add to their soft skill set with lessons on real life collaboration, problem solving techniques and communication skills.

I look forward to watching them grow even more. (Note: Names of children have been changed to protect their privacy.) 

Editor’s note: My favorite photo of Caroline and the children.

Caroline and her brother Martin – the computer trainer who helped the children so much.

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