A renovation

We received an unexpected donation. Actually a generous company match. Because of this windfall, we felt safe enough financially to undertake a much needed renovation. The Children’s Home had a very rocky, uneven entrance to the main hall. One of the children is in a wheelchair and had to always wait for someone to help him get into the hall. Visitors had a hard time with accessing as well. Other issues were broken windows, a rotted frame on front door, broken tables and chairs. In general, the room was very dark and needed better lighting. Curtain boxes and new paint were needed.

We were lucky enough to find an excellent contractor who worked with our budget and also with Amani Mara who procured more local donations of materials. The photos will show our story. It does take a village – and we are proud of this result. We hope that other local connections will step in the future as there are still many needs in this children’s home.

entrance before
difficult access
Work in progress
more sand needed
after photos
Amazing improvement!
Tables before- being repaired
Tables – after
Chairs – needing repair
Chairs – after
Skylight brought much needed light inside
ramp completed!
Mew interior
Final exterior

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