Harambee #2

It’s with great joy that I can report that the second fundraiser “Harambee” for the Kenyan childrens home was very successful. Thanks to generous donors and so many helpful workers, I think we raised enough to pay tuitions for the children attending high school, purchase their uniforms and supplies needed, and continue to pay the electricity bill, internet and health insurance for the upcoming year! We are also hoping to add a part time “Saturday teacher” to help the children with their homework and to keep up with their school work.

Here are some thank you videos from the children.

Such a confident, amazing child! Can’t wait to see her future!
More thank you’s
We have even more video thank yous. And the children write letters. We’ll be happy to share if you’d like. The children know we are supporting them. Donations to CNC go directly to these childrens needs. No executive salaries or fancy offices.
Happy bidders and shoppers!
Sultan Sextet – great teenage jazz group . Being congratulated by San Bruno Vice Mayor
Linda Mason and muralist Carlos Gonzalez
Beautiful African art donated by Julie Larrabee, Susan McMillan and Amani Mara.
Beautiful artwork donated by AZ GALLERY artists
Girl Scout leaders and Girl Scout helped all afternoon selling crafts
Great helpers! Fancy aprons made by our own Nancy!
Gerald from Maktabas
/ he facilitated our book project!!! Shipping books from Northern California to NAROK and then visiting the childrens home and bringing another 900!!!!
Thank you County Supervisor Canepa!
Thank you Kris for connecting us with Sultan Sextet!
Thank you for supporting, city councilman Tom Hamilton!
Jim, Sean and Gus
Stephen Seymour was our emcee
Thank you Andy Mason for entertaining us all afternoon
Our hard working helpers Sandra and Marie celebrating with the mannequin the end of a successful day!
Amani Mara – do you recognize the shopping you did for us?
Our seamstress extraordinaire, Nancy wrapped up in the tablecloth!! Is Randy rescuing her?
Our Tim taking care of the beverage requests!!!!
Two Masons accompanied by a Seymour!
So glad you could join us Rolando
City councilman Marty Medina and Peter

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