The Children Visit the Mara

During our visit from the US in 2022, Shelina at Amani Mara put together a surprise for us. She sent for 10 of the older children to come to Amani Mara for a quick visit. A van arrived to transport the children, but they did not know where they were going. They were told they were going to Bible Study. So they brought their Bibles and night clothes. When they arrived at the beautiful Amani Mara, they were greeted with fresh fruit juice and hot towels to refresh themselves from the three hour drive. Then they walked into the lodge, still most in disbelief, to take in the view of the river. We were so excited to greet them!

After a quick introduction talk from Sam, the manager, the children set out to explore their new home for the night. They saw the swimming pool and brought their belongings to their rooms. All of them commented on the softness of the duvets covering the beds and “petted” them. (This reaction later brought us to examine their current beds at the home and upgrade and repair. This will be explained in a future post.)

In the evening, we had a lovely meal. The children later reported that they ate with five spoons (not all were spoons), but Shelina was showing them how to use the silverware from the outside edge in covering each meal course. The food was delicious and they enjoyed “ordering” orange sodas. After dinner, we all sat at the fireplace and the children began telling their stories. Although their voices were very soft and much was difficult to hear, we could tell the seriousness and gravity of the descriptions. They were truly Rescued by the wonderful people at the Children’s Home. Many of these children are orphans, others have parents or family unable to care for them. So much is expected of children so young. But at the Children’s Home they have guidance and structure. And much love and nurturing.

In the morning, we woke up to a buffet breakfast. The children were excited to be able to return to the buffet for additional servings. And after that, they hurried off to go on Safari. Led by Sully from Amani Mara, they experienced a great drive. In fact, in about two hours the children saw ALL of the animals. Often Kenyan children do not see the animals that visitors from around the world come to Kenya to see. They do not have the opportunity to see the beauty of their country.

We had to say goodbye all too soon. The children were due at their schools immediately. But I’m sure they left with many dreams. Travel safely dear children. So many good times are in your futures.

Their arrival – we were more excited than they I think!
First viewing of the landscape
Checking out the rooms
We were all smiles
Gathered around Ashif
Our dinner that evening
Listening to their sisters’ and brothers’ stories
Enjoying the infiniti pool
On safari – some viewing the animals for the first time
Guests at Amani Mara are invited to plant a tree when they leave.
Children Dancing before Departing

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