Some improvements

CHERISH NAROK’S CHILDREN was able to close out 2022 with a small surplus. With the help of Amani Mara, we examined what needed the most help. The home had many areas needing attention, since with no income they had not been able to take care of these concerns. It was decided that the bathrooms were in such disrepair that we needed to build entirely new facilities. Safety and hygiene were important subjects to be addressed. Working toilets – much needed here are often taken for granted by others. These children needed working toilets. Amani Mara found a contractor, and sourced the supplies needed – often getting donations from local companies and well-wishers.

Another project that needed our attention was the children’s dorms. Our dream is to build new dorms some day, but in the meantime, the present dorms needed repairs and painting. And beds! The beds had long been neglected and needed repair. We managed to purchase 11 new longer beds for the taller teens and new mattresses as well.

So now the children have freshly painted dorms, new beds that are sturdy and functional. And Working Toilets!

We pause for a moment while we think about those items we have always taken for granted in our lives. And how grateful we are that we can help give these necessities to these deserving children. Thank you to the supporters of Cherish Narok’s Children!

We’re deliberately not showing “before” photos. Suffice it to say, this renovation was needed.

Beginning stages of the new Toilet structure
After photo – from behind structure
Looking good!
New longer beds – great for our tall teens!
Checking out the new beds and mattresses
Fresh paint – looks so nice!

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